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The Skinny on Facial Slimming Procedures

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The Landscape of Facial Slimming

Recent trends in facial beauty treatments have been all about achieving a slimmer lower face, which is often seen as youthful and attractive. These treatments may vary greatly, from injections to minimally invasive procedures to surgery, each offering key differences in results.

If you're wondering which one is right for you, let Brooklyn facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Renata, be your experienced facial slimming guide. Read on to learn more about these popular treatments and how they can, or can't, slenderize the lower face. Keep in mind that, like most cosmetic procedures, there are important key facts to understanding how to ensure a natural and beautiful outcome.

So, here is the "skinny" on today's popular facial slimming procedures.

1. Submental and Neck Liposuction

Say goodbye to stubborn fat beneath the chin and along the neck through precise submental and neck liposuction. This procedure has notably been favored by younger patients with a genetic tendency to accumulate fat in the under-chin region.

Submental liposuction continues to be a sought-after choice among the many available facial cosmetic procedures because of its safety and predictability. However, the key lies in ensuring that you are indeed an appropriate candidate for this procedure, a decision best made in consultation with your surgeon.

Dr. Renata, with her unique face & neck expertise and use of delicate fat-harvesting cannulas, ensures that you can attain a more defined jawline and neck with minimal downtime. The noteworthy advantage? This procedure can be conveniently performed in an office setting under local anesthesia, catering to the demands of individuals with busy schedules. The associated downtime is relatively brief compared to invasive surgery and typically involves the use of a compression headband for several days to reduce swelling and achieve a well-contoured outcome.

It's worth noting that individuals with excess skin, often attributed to the natural aging process, may not be ideal candidates for this procedure. In such cases, an alternative approach, such as neck-lifting surgery, may be more effective and suitable.

Dr. Renata tailors her approach, considering each patient's unique anatomy and degree of aging. This individualized approach is crucial in attaining a more refined and sculpted neckline, ultimately enhancing confidence.

2. Masseter Muscle Relaxer

The masseter muscle helps you move your jaw and chew your food. If you gently close your back teeth together, you can feel these muscles working along your jawline. However, many people might not know that an enlarged masseter muscle can make the lower face look wider, especially if they grind their teeth or chew excessively. This leads to a "boxy" jaw or squared-off facial shape.

Masseter muscle neuromodulator treatment, using medications like Botox or Xeomin, provides a non-surgical option for those wanting a slimmer lower face. Dr. Renata precisely injects these neuromodulators into the masseter muscles, causing them to relax and gradually reduce in size. This leads to a thinner appearance in that area and a slimmer lower face.

This approach not only improves facial aesthetics but also eases issues like teeth clenching and facial tension. Patients can expect a subtle but noticeable change over several weeks, with more significant results appearing after multiple treatments spanning several months.

3. Cheek & Midface Fillers

Within the spectrum of techniques aimed at achieving a slimmer lower face, we find the time-tested world of dermal fillers applied to the cheek and midface regions. Dr. Renata's profound understanding of facial aesthetics highlights the idea that facial slenderizing treatments are often a precise blend of subtraction, as we saw with the removal of chin and neck fat with liposuction, and addition, as in the case of using dermal fillers.

Cheek fillers, as expertly administered by Dr. Renata, serve as a tool to sculpt the midface and achieve a visually pleasing facial balance and shape. These midface dermal fillers are used with the purpose of enhancing the cheekbone, which serves as a central pillar of the face. This approach produces a thoughtful interplay of light and shadow, emphasizing the natural highlights of the midface while concurrently shaping and slimming the lower facial region.

Dr. Renata's proficiency is evident in her precise techniques, where she distinguishes herself from others. Many injectors tend to focus solely on one part of the cheek, which often leads to an unnaturally wide and overly plumped outcome. Simply injecting the same spot over and over again will distort the face rather than pleasantly reshape it.

Dr. Renata adopts a more anatomical perspective, recognizing the significance of injecting across the entire three-dimensional extent of the cheek and facial perimeter. Having an "eye" for beauty comes down to having the right knowledge of anatomy.

By distributing filler over a broader surface area to support the front, peak, and side of the cheek, she achieves facial harmony. This approach creates a naturally distributed width at the top, while creating a relative slimming effect at the bottom, ensuring facial balance.

Well-placed midface fillers create little downtime for patients, which is one of the many reasons this treatment is popular, relatively simple to undergo, and known for bringing forward a newfound radiance.

4. Chin Augmentation

Another example of an additional procedure that can help achieve lower facial slimming is chin augmentation—a versatile procedure that can be performed using either dermal fillers or a chin implant. Dr. Renata's distinctive approach is centered on sculpting a more defined chin and jawline, thereby enhancing overall facial aesthetics.

Similar to dermal fillers of the midface, chin augmentation has the potential to yield remarkably noticeable results, creating the coveted and attractive heart-shaped facial shape —a feature characterized by a gently tapered lower face.

Usually, several syringes of dermal filler, applied over a single treatment session, is enough to create a more projected, defined, and slenderized lower jawline. Again, the theme is about proportion rather than true size, since the addition of filler is essentially enlarging the chin overall. However, in this procedure, size comes in second place after shape, and it is the overall shape of the lower face that dictates the beauty and balance of the outcome. A well-defined chin adds length and shadow to the jawline, often completing the missing link in the journey to a more heart-shaped and slender lower face.

Patients who are looking for a permanent solution may upgrade or primarily choose a chin implant to recreate the same effect as achieved with dermal filler. A chin implant procedure is an otherwise safe and predictable surgical procedure, often performed under local anesthesia. Dr. Renata selects a uniquely sized and shaped chin implant to complement your features and achieve your goals. By carefully tailoring the procedure to your unique facial anatomy, she ensures that the transformation is harmonious as well as proportionate.

5. Buccal Fat Reduction

Buccal fat reduction is a specialized surgical procedure designed to sculpt the lower face by selectively removing excess fat from the naturally occurring and plump buccal fat pads, also known as "chipmunk cheeks" in certain patients. This technique is typically performed under either local anesthesia or sedation, ensuring patient comfort throughout the procedure.

The procedure involves creating a discreet incision inside the mouth, eliminating the need for an external scar along the skin. Once the incision is made, Dr. Renata removes excess buccal fat - which usually runs about the size of a medium to large marshmallow.

It is important to remind patients interested in this procedure that the results of buccal fat reduction are subtle at best. It is crucial to understand that this procedure is not intended for weight loss or overall facial slimming.

Ideal candidates are individuals who naturally carry excess fat along their cheeks and are seeking a gentle slimming equivalent to sucking in a small amount of cheek fat. However, patients with naturally slim or normal cheeks should consider alternative procedures that enhance facial youthfulness and contours rather than those that aim to further slim the cheeks. This is because unwarranted buccal fat reduction can create a gaunt and unattractive appearance in the future as the natural aging process ensues.

Recovery from buccal fat reduction is relatively straightforward and involves minimal downtime. Patients can generally expect some swelling, which gradually subsides over a few weeks to reveal a subtle slimming and shadowing of the lower cheeks as compared with their starting point.

As buccal fat reduction is a subtraction procedure focused on cheek fat, it is often combined with and enhanced by procedures that add contour to the cheekbone or chin, such as dermal fillers. Together, these procedures lend opposite effects that, when performed in adjacent areas of the face, serve the same cause: lower facial slimming.

Step Into Your Confidence

In the realm of aesthetic facial procedures, Dr. Renata exemplifies professionalism, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to fostering natural transformations. Whether you opt for submental and neck liposuction, neuromodulators, cheek fillers, chin augmentation, or buccal fat reduction, Dr. Renata's transparent consultation style and expert techniques ensure an effective transformation that aims to instill confidence in the way you look and feel. With Dr. Renata as your trusted guide, you are free to explore your options on the journey to a more sculpted and slimmer lower face.

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