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Expectations & Realities in Cosmetic Surgery

Renata Khelemsky, MD, FAACS

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Influences vs. Expectations

In facial cosmetic surgery, the journey towards achieving your aesthetic goals begins well before the operating room. It's ignited by the myriad of interactions within your life—from past experiences to ongoing opinions of friends, family, and social media trends—that collectively shape your expectations for the upcoming procedure. These positive external influences can excite and motivate you in a landscape filled with before-and-after photos and success stories from other patients. Still, they may contribute to inflated expectations regarding the surgery's outcomes.

Setting realistic expectations takes a different kind of interaction – the one that you will have with your surgeon. While surgeons often highlight their success stories, it's equally vital that they offer clear insights into potential risks and limitations. Though this conversation may not always be comfortable, it's undeniably essential. It's the moment when you, as the patient, can truly understand the essence of committing to surgery—not merely as a means to achieve a desired appearance but as a careful decision that balances hope for results with potential trade-offs. There are always trade-offs: time away from work, potential impacts on family, incisions, sutures, medications, and anesthesia. However, your surgeon can help calibrate your expectations, ensuring you're fully informed and prepared for each step of the process ahead.

Timing is Everything

Understanding when to assess the outcome of facial cosmetic surgery is paramount for patients and surgeons alike. While many anticipate seeing final results days or weeks after surgery, this expectation is completely unrealistic. The biological makeup of each patient influences their unique healing journey, with factors such as nutritional status, hormonal balance, and genetics playing significant roles. Comparing recovery timelines with others proves futile, as unforeseen factors during surgery can impact the speed and success of healing.

Realistic expectations in cosmetic surgery involve respecting both the process and the result. Like other medical fields, cosmetic procedures require ongoing assessment and management of the healing process. Patients should understand that achieving their desired outcome takes time, and setbacks can occur. However, when setbacks occur, a skilled surgeon should discuss how to redirect the healing process towards a more favorable outcome. This may involve medications or in-office interventions to address excessive swelling or delayed healing. Residual redness, raised incisions, and possible pigmentation are common and to be expected during the initial healing period. It's essential to note that an incision is not considered a "scar" until approximately one-year post-surgery. By embracing the iterative nature of healing and trusting in the process, patients can navigate their post-operative journey with peace of mind and realistic expectations.

The Pursuit of Perfection

In pursuing perfection within cosmetic surgery, it's crucial to acknowledge the elusive nature of such a concept. Surgeons, despite their expertise and skill, are not judges of flawlessness. The human form is intricate and multifaceted, defying singular notions of perfection. Even when patients and surgeons align on a comprehensive surgical plan, the inherent complexities of anatomy persist and can undoubtedly influence the outcome. Despite meticulous planning and execution, achieving perfection in cosmetic surgery is impossible.

The reality is that everyone’s body responds uniquely to surgical interventions, influenced by several biological and environmental factors. Some skin types are cautiously thin and have been treated multiple times with energy devices. Other skin types are thick, more vascular, and exert heavier load-producing effects on incisions. An identical operation may produce incredibly variable results across these two skin types. While surgeons strive for excellence, it's essential to recognize and accept the inherent limitations of the human form and the surgical process. Rather than aiming for perfection, the focus shifts towards achieving significant improvement that will enhance each patient's unique beauty while prioritizing safety.

The Reality of Being Realistic

No surgery is devoid of risk, regardless of its scale. What truly matters is the trust established between the patient and the surgeon. While emotions like frustration and fear may arise, it's crucial not to let them erode the foundation of faith. A skilled surgeon is adept in navigating smooth waters and weathering storms, managing any unexpected concerns with composure and expertise. Patients should feel empowered to ask questions and openly communicate their goals and concerns, promoting a collaborative approach that ensures both patients and surgeons are aligned in their expectations. Asking a surgeon, “What would you do if I have unexpected scarring?” is an excellent gauge of your surgeon’s preparedness to be frank about realistic complications, let alone manage them.

So, the reality is that realistic expectations take effort from the patient and surgeon. Having a realistic mindset for facial cosmetic surgery is not only about envisioning the result; it's about embracing the journey before and after surgery with trust and patience. By fostering open communication, managing expectations ahead of time, and understanding how to navigate the complexities of each unique healing process, Dr. Renata and her team are dedicated to guiding patients toward their desired outcomes. Remember that the path to achieving your transformative outcome is built upon biological principles, clinical knowledge, and the steadfast support of a trusted surgeon.

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